Friday, May 1, 2009

Just One More Book Interview

Hi all,

Back in November I was glad to be part of a really lovely conversation with YA author Jeanne Birdsall, illustrator Jane Dyer, and author/illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka, at Jeanne's house. It was moderated and recorded by Mark Blevis of Just One More Book.

We all talked about our love of books and how we got into the business, shared some laughs (and ate some delicious pound cake). Now it's been edited, snazzy jazz has been added, and you can hear it here! [Just scroll down to April 14 (Rock Stars of Reading 7).]

Listening brought back warm memories of a cold night in Massachusetts.

See ya in the podcasts,


Jeanne said...

Funny, I remember the laughs all right, but not the cake. That shows how much fun I was having -- I never forget food. Hope you come back up here sometime soon.

Mark said...


For easy access to the round table discussion, click here.

It was truly great meeting you. I hope we have a chance to speak, again, soon.


DES said...

Jeanne, it was really a pleasure. I loved what you said in the interview about wanting to be "one good adult" for kids who otherwise have a difficult home life.
As for the pound cake: I think it was chocolate and lemon poppy. Mmm.

And Mark, it was a pleasure meeting you as well. Thanks for getting this all together and facilitating a deep and enjoyable conversation. Great jazz, too. :)