Thursday, October 30, 2008

DES Interview at 7-Imp

Hey all, I've been interviewed by Jules from the wonderful children's book blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. She asked some interesting questions and I sent lots of pictures. Get a sneak peek of next year's book, Pouch! (from Putnam). See a never-before-released picture from Leaves. Leave a comment for posterity.

Check it out here.

See ya in the blogosphere,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Hey all, I am still aglow from yesterday's Ghouls & Gourds Festival at the BBG. The garden is one of my favorite places ever ( I used to catch frogs there and hide under trees as a kid) and it was such a pleasure to meet and greet kids and parents, sign books, and talk with fellow authors on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. There was a surplus of cute kids in costumes, a parade, and great music.

Here are a few pics.
Thanks to Anita Jacobs and Paul DuBois Jacobs for inviting me and for organizing the day!

See ya in the leaves,

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today's the day: The Nice Book is out in the world. Here's hoping it injects some "nice capital" and "kind liquidity" into the system!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Books of Wonder for the release party last night. We wrote a really amazing story together (to give you an idea, it starred "Harry, the Normal, Hairy Man," whose hobby is "to visit the Ice Age"), drew pictures, and shared our thoughts about some nice people we know.

If you're in NY, you can see original art from The Nice Book at The Original Art Show at Society of Illustrators. Click here for details.

Be nice,