Monday, September 29, 2008

Drawn Out

On a misty Saturday, I visited the Met see the New Guinean and African sculpture on exhibit. I could simply stare at these works for hours. I find many of them to be among the best examples of figurative design I know.

Friday, September 19, 2008

NICE Review

Hi hi and happy nearly-almost Fall!

My new one, The Nice Book, releases October 16. Hope you will check out the PARTY at Books of Wonder on the 15th! We'll write a nice story together, and a mean story; You can nominate someone you think is nice to win a free book; and we'll find out, HOW NICE ARE YOU?
This is going to be, well, for lack of a better adjective, nice!

Anyhoo, in the interim, here's an excerpt of the first review of this cute lil' book, from Kirkus:

. . . A variety of animals from bugs to elephants practice what it takes to be nice. . . . There’s plenty of humor here. . . . The images were created with a mix of acrylic paints, ink and china marker, combined digitally—the effect is beautifully childlike. . . . Nice indeed.