Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out with a Fox

If being an artist is all about making things and saying, "Look what I made!", then, "Look what I made: a fox!"

This is my first real attempt at a stuffed animal. It took me most of January, working in my spare time. Thanks to Miriam, Grace, and Isabel for their stitching advice! No sooner was he finished than we had a beautiful, wet snow, and being new to the world, the fox wanted to get out and have a look.

See you in the hedges,


Aileen Leijten said...

That's a handsome fox!

DES said...

Thanks Aileen! That is a very nice thing to say.

I am going to try to come to your book release on Saturday! Congrats!

(I tried to leave some comments on your blog but it wouldn't let me submit them. Just FYI.)


Lauren Castillo said...

That is one awesome fox, David!
And will you have a new book to compliment this little fella? ;)

hwayoungjung said...


DES said...

Why thank ya! I am planning an owl stay tuned!

And yes Lauren, I am doing a book right now that has a very similar fox!